for Terracotta paving, marble, porcelain stoneware, concrete and granite.

Mirko Nodari Trattamenti is a family-owned company, with more than 40 years experience in the marble and terracotta treatments.

Suitable treatments for absorption problems for interiors and exteriors, it recovers terracotta paving treated with old wax and oil layers, with tested products.

The company profits from advanced units for marble brushing as to lay an antique patina on the floor.

It is a mechanical low pressure cleaning solution on surfaces and coverings dirtied with vandal writings, graffiti and smog.
The procedure consistently cuts any yard cost differently from traditional cleaning techniques and recovers the most delicate surfaces without damaging the support.

The smoothing is carried out using diamond sectors that involves abrasion get the desired effect.

The smoothing may be performed on new floors jogging the sheets in order to make the surface perfectly smooth, or on floors ruined by time raising the damaged surface part so that the emergence of a section of perfect stone.

The micro-smoothing is the ideal treatment for flooring not too ruined and who have no special adjustments.
The use of fine-grained diamond discs and special polishing powders allow to bring the surface to the initial conditions.
This system allows to reduce the processing times and consequently the cost.

The marble polishing is to create a chemical reaction that leads from the state of the marble calcium carbonate to that of calcium oxalate, using powders or grains mainly containing oxalic acid, creating heat given by the rubbing between the same acid and the marble.

The polishing of granites occurs using predominantly oxides (tin, alumina) that make the glossy surface always throughreactions that occur for the increase of heat.

The treatment is protection for your surfaces. Avoids problems that can compromise the beauty and functionality of natural stone, stoneware or terracotta surfaces. Proper maintenance and cleaning will keep unchanged in time the characteristics and beauty of surfaces.

You can perform various treatments: protective, finishing, stain removers, waxes, for both the cleaning end of the yard, but also for daily cleaning of the materials.